Destinations through
the lens of the locals

Halidai offers the best way to experience, innovate, destinations through the lens of the locals.

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The driving force paving different routes to the world.

Halidai is a trustworthy platform to endure and indulge a full user experience.

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Take charge of your money You can find anything from safaris to skiing trips in one place.

  • Find the best deals, book tours, choose from a variety of transportation options, and much more.
  • Split bills easily with friends and track who you can count on repaying
  • Keep in touch with friends and family through Halidai's social media features. Stay updated on the latest offers and news related to your interests with our notification features.
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Vendor Mobile App

  • Sign up and download as a Halidai vendor , connect with vendors on any android and iOS device, always find the product fit you need.
  • Automated invoicing and payment notification system
  • Traditional SSL technology ensures that a seamless transfer of data can occur between users— keeping potential customers safe, and also safeguarding businesses from outside intruders.
  • Unlock a marketplace for rewards and enjoy what you love
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Vendor Gateway

  • Manage your Halidai vendor platform on the Halidai website , just log in.
  • See all your vendors information at once, manage payments and view products you've uploaded.
  • Get the information you need at a glance and in real time.